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dementia patients



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If I had a dollar for every time a patient asked if I was married I wouldn’t have to work

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I think it is important to note that the bedside nursing staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital stated initially that they were unprepared to adequately care for ebola patients…

The CDC now states they could have done more to help.

Come on upper management, just one time listen to your nurses, we aren’t as stupid as we are made out to be.

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New Blogpost!

Look to see what I got in the mail today! :)


- date a man who loves his mom
- date a man who has a beautiful smile
- date a man who knows how to use a hammer
- date a man who saves the earth
- date thor, i’m talking about thor

…my husband isn’t Thor but he does all these things and I love him so. foreverchopped

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…saw pizza on the way to Ryan’s parents house for Sunday dinner. Now I want pizza. But we’re having spaghetti.

Is this how drugs addicts feel? The addiction is real. Jeeeeeeez.

Contact precautions…



Reblog if you follow contact precautions for MRSA of the nares less than 50% of the time…

I don’t see the point. How am I getting MRSA if the only place they have it is in their nose. So dumb. Now c-diff is another story…